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Gfeller Casemakers Inc. is a proven leader in the supply of profoundly functional
leather goods for working professionals.

Originally focusing on the needs of geologists, engineers and field scientists, we
developed leather goods that carried tools, protected notes and maps and generally
made field work easier and more productive for these adventurous professionals.

As the “Go-To” supplier for minerals exploration and field study leather goods, our
Hammer Holsters, Field Cases and Compass Cases have a presence at project
sites around the globe.  And they were used extensively in astronaut training for the
Apollo Mission series to our moon where rock collecting was a principal task.

Gfeller Casemakers’ products are leaders in functional design, durability and overall
quality.  A solid choice and wise investment when choosing leather goods for yourself,
your team or as a gift that will be cherished by the lucky recipient.
© 2016 Gfeller
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