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This section offers some of our Non-Traditional items.  Notebook covers for
Moleskine®, Rhodia®, Hobonichi® and other popular volumes, Pen Holder, Passport
Slip Cover, Card Case and Wallet, Folios and a Satchel are found here.

We began this part of our adventure with a needed leather notebook cover.  A second
skin for your Large Moleskine® Notebook (5 x 8 ¼”) that itself will become an elegant
heirloom. It is an excellent value and will provide exceptional service. We used our
regular English kip, a thin very tight-grained leather that is exceedingly durable.  This
hand cut cover features extended inside cover flaps to completely eliminate the
"Cover Bump" normally encountered with slip on covers. The rear inside flap has
been slit to allow use of the elastic closure Moleskine® made famous. Both front and
rear inside pockets are sewn far enough to be secure, but allow wide opening to
provide additional storage for loose papers and easy access to the pocket at the rear
hard cover. Our cover also features an inside trim strip along top and bottom edges
for stability and extra durability. The stitch line is tapped down to close the needle
holes, "setting" the stitch for extra security. We apply a light coat of pure Neatsfoot oil
to lubricate the leather fibers and hand-burnish the rounded edge to reduce fraying.
Our wax based finish is applied last. This seals the surface to repel dirt and allows
buffing out of light scratches. A lightly dampened towel will remove common surface
dirt. We recommend moderation in the use of any cleaning product. Avoid anything
that smells of petroleum byproducts.

When you have a few minutes, we invite you to view our You Tube video showing how
we hand craft these covers You Tube Video.

The use of this cover will provide excellent protection to the Moleskine® and gain
character through a useful life of many years. Initial production will include serial
numbers stamped inside the front cover next to our well-known Gfeller Casemakers
cartouche. This mark has denoted items of exceptional quality and rugged durability
since 1946. We are indeed proud to offer this addition to our line of no nonsense
products for professional and other discriminating users of leather goods.

Please check there for the latest news on this and our other fine leather products. We
specialize in short run (25-500 units typically) production of high quality leather goods.
If you or anyone you know has needs at this level, kindly forward our name to them.
We appreciate all the help we can get.

Many Thanks to Paul Saffo for introducing us to this project.

Best Regards,
Steve Derricott
Idaho Professional Field Folios is offered in response to requests for a no frills, high quality leather folio. 
Standard sizes accept either top bound A4 or 8-1/2” x 11” pads and include pockets for calling cards, 3 x 5 note
cards and a scale pocket as well as a quantity of loose sheets and/or notes in the larger open pocket.  We offer
this with or without loops for tools on the front cover panel.  These are built to order only and may require a 50%
deposit…if you need a custom variation from our stock configuration, we need a deposit.
Notebook Covers:  hand built using our signature English Kip leather are functional protection offered in a range of popular
sizes.  These products are a natural extension of our line of Geoscience related field equipment items.  We design and build
leather goods to protect and or assist with the use of many tools.  The popularity of these notebook covers is a testament to the
need for them and the fact that we “got it right” when we designed them and chose the right leather for them.  Each is stamped
with a serial number as a measure of identification and further adds to the uniqueness of every cover.  We are pleased and
humbled by the reviews that these covers have received in numerous blogs, online comments and customer testimonies.  If
you have not already done so, we suggest that you spend a few minutes learning about the process by which we hand build
these covers…You Tube Video…   Many thanks to Dave Bogie for this work. 

If your notebook cover needs are not met with our standard line-up, you may want to contact us for a true one-off custom cover. 
Pictured is such a cover, for an A4 size notebook.  This was built for one of our Swiss customers.  We are happy to discuss
your needs at any time.  To assure correct fit it may be necessary to ship us a sample of your specific volume.  Prices are
quoted before work begins and a 50% deposit is required.  You may want to consider having us personalize such items.  We
can deboss three initials on most any item.  This requires a $10 set-up fee.
Our Diamond Creek Satchel is easily the last item of this type that you will need to purchase.  Built of sturdy saddle skirting
leather with solid brass hardware, this satchel or field brief case handily carries needed files, notebooks and tools.  With a
double compartment design and hand formed accordion gussets it provides easy access to all your necessary stuff. Inside
dimensions are 11” x 14” and approx. 3” in each compartment.  With several holes for adjustment in the billet even larger items
can be carried easily.  When Steve needed a briefcase after purchasing Gfeller Casemakers in 1985 he designed this satchel to
cover his personal needs.  The satchel he built sees daily use and after 25 years is still going strong.  The design has proven to
be “profoundly functional” and still looks and performs great.  Base price includes a removable shoulder strap with wool stuffed
pad and the owners name stamped under the handle.  We invite you to discuss your needs.  Each one is a true custom piece of
functional leather art.  Custom variations quoted on request.  *Base price on Non-Traditional Price List
Passport Case:  Protection for your increasing necessary passport is provided by this fine English Kip leather slip case.  No
nonsense and readily accessible. Stock item is sized for the US document. Let us know if you have other size needs.
© 2016 Gfeller
Pen Cases:  Protect and organize your favorite writing/sketching tools in a fine English Kip leather case.  Models available
feature loops for two or three pens of nominal ½” diameter.  We lightly form the loops to help the break-in process so that
pens with slip-on caps are easily removed.  Can be personalized.
Card Case:  Drape molded case of fine English Kip with ½” capacity for Credit or standard 2” x 3-1/2” calling cards.  Very
handy to keep and extra supply on hand and protected.
Card Wallet:  Unique Card Wallet in our standard English Kip.  This creation employs a ribbon lift in European style to
expose the cards when needed.  With ½” of capacity it will hold approx a dozen typical Credit Cards or equivalent
height mix of Credit and Calling Cards. 
Our Gfeller Checkbook Cover is available in Natural English Kip leather with natural pigskin lining leather.  Generous sizing
allows use of top bound check bundles and conventional check registers plus it doubles as storage for US Treasury notes or
other currency of equivalent dimensions.  The clean design (profoundly functional…smile) pockets measure 6 ½" x 3".  There
are many alternative uses for this item, one is a cover for your auto mileage register with storage space for fuel receipts….do
you keep these for tax purposes or just to remember the good old days when fuel was affordable.  A fine gift with finished
edges that any leather enthusiast would treasure.
Our Notebook Covers and other Non-Traditional items have become very popular gifting items for the Holiday Season.  We do our best to maintain adequate inventory, but each year, it seems we get caught short of some items.  That stresses us and sometimes our customers to deliver goods on time.  If you are planning to gift our leather goods, we ask that you order as early as practical in an effort to "de-stress" this coming Holiday season.

Thank you very much for your continued dedication to our products.
iPhone© Case (horizontal carry):  Constructed of our Natural Russet Skirting leather, this case for the iPhone© 5 (and
earlier models) affords lots of protection and keeps the phone handy for quick access.  We us integral belt loops for secure
carry on belts up to 1-3/4" wide.  The phone screen is protected with a liner of our fine Kip leather.  The flap is secured with a
Solid Brass Stud for soft yet reliable closure.
Diamond Creek Satchel - Customer Review